The Soul Co. Blog

Consider this a slice of the #SoulCoLife that’ll nourish your mind and soul.
(Because mind food and soul food is just as important “food” food, right, SOULie?)

Eight years in the making

“Create the things you wish existed.” – Anon.   The best inventions are usually born out of necessity. They’re the most meaningful creations; the most useful ones. Our SOUL CO. Bars are no exception. “The SOUL CO. journey really began eight years ago, all the way...

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The Soul Co. Life

Some moments change your life forever. What sort of moments, you ask? Oh, you know, a few things come to mind. This moment right here, for example. If you didn’t already know it, well, now you know: We are SOUL CO. This is The SOUL CO. Weekly. And you’re here with us,...

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