Some moments change your life forever.

What sort of moments, you ask? Oh, you know, a few things come to mind. This moment right here, for example.

If you didn’t already know it, well, now you know:

We are SOUL CO.

This is The SOUL CO. Weekly.

And you’re here with us, which makes you a SOULie.

Welcome to the #SoulCoLife.


What is the #SoulCoLife? Put simply, it’s this life. It’s a soul-ful life, it’s your life, whenever you live it your way.

Too often, the media draws attention to becoming your thinnest, fittest and wealthiest self, but the #SoulCoLife is isn’t necessarily about becoming good, better or best. It’s about allowing yourself to just BE who you truly are, and giving yourself permission to feel your most alive: BE with the people you love, DO the things you love, and GO to the places you love.


A #SoulCoLife is an INSPIRED life; an elevated and NOURISHING one.

It’s a life that’s rich with the people, places and things that make you feel SUPPORTED and strong; a life that’s deliciously full of things that ENHANCE your mind, body and soul. These people, places and things will be different for everybody, so ask yourself:

What makes you feel most soul-ful and alive?

Maybe it’s wandering aimlessly through art galleries, or running breathlessly underneath bright city lights. Perhaps it’s painting on your balcony in the evening, or dancing carelessly to your favourite song. It could be discovering a new walking trail, or the feeling you get when you step off a plane and onto unfamiliar soil. It might be digging your heels into fine sand, diving into the icy ocean before sunrise, or reading in your oldest (but most comfortable) chair.

It may involve building schools in third world countries, or drinking in the colour of your lover’s eyes beneath summertime starlight. It might be watching your child’s chest rise and fall with sleep.

It’s whatever makes your heart race in the best possible way, or even slow down with reassured peace and calm. It’s all of the things that make you smile inwardly and outwardly. It’s whatever – and whoever – fills you with joy, and definitely all of the things that make you feel overjoyed.

Whatever helps you hold your head high with confidence, and allows you to move with strength and with grace – these are things that fill your #SoulCoLife. We’re here to help you live it. We’re here to join you for the ride.


Welcome to SOUL CO. Your #SoulCoLife starts here.