Dark Cacao Crunch

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Our NEW Dark Cacao Crunch SOUL CO. Bar contains over 11 grams of plant-based protein, NO artificial sweeteners, is 100% natural and unlike anything you’ve tasted before.

The Soul Co. Life

Some moments change your life forever.

What sort of moments, you ask? Oh, you know, a few things come to mind. This moment right here, for example…

Eight Years in the making

“Create the things you wish existed.” – Anon.

The best inventions are usually born out of necessity. They’re the most meaningful creations; the most useful ones. Our SOUL CO. Bars are no exception.

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Soul Co. is more than just a brand


It’s an inspired and enhanced way of living

When you live a SOUL CO. life, you do more than simply exist. You treat your life as a soulful adventure, created your way. Every day is rich, meaningful and most importantly, all yours.

Are you ready to live a #SoulCoLife?

Soul Co. plant based protein bar

Dark Cacao Crunch

Box of 12 Soul Co. Bars
Dark Cacao Crunch Soul Co. Bar
A completely plant-based bar that contains over 11 grams of lean muscle-loving protein? Yes.
A bar that’s free of cane and refined sugars, contains zero artificial sweeteners, and is sweetened only with low levels of naturally-occurring fruit and coconut nectar? Yes.
A snack whose low GI will provide you with a clean, constant and sustained source of energy? Yes.
An entirely natural bar that’s so delicious, you’ll look forward to it every day? Yes.
A snack that packs a satisfying fibre-filled punch to ensure you won’t feel the need to eat three or four at once? Yes.
Yes, really.

Because I’m not just any bar – I’m a slice of the #SoulCoLife.

Join us. Your SOUL CO. life starts here.