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Nutrition FAQs

How much protein does a SOUL CO. Bar contain?

Each of our Dark Cacao Crunch SOUL CO. Bars contains an impressive 11.4 grams of plant-based protein. Why do we choose to use plant-derived sources of protein? Find out here.

What source of protein do the SOUL CO. Bars contain?

All of the lean muscle-loving protein contained within our SOUL CO. Bars comes from plants. We use organic sprouted brown rice (which is an easily-digested and absorbed form of protein), crushed pumpkin seeds (AKA the most protein-rich of all seeds), almond butter and organic tahini.

Why do you only use plant- based protein?

No matter what your eating style, one fact is undeniable: everyone can benefit from including more plants in their diet. SOUL CO. Bars have been created to help you do just that!

We’ve created a super tasty, truly healthy and very convenient Bar – and then upped the protein content to help support lean muscle mass and keep you feeling fuller for longer. AND we’ve done all of this while staying true to our goal of wanting to help you eat more plants, more often!

Plus, as an aside, plant-based protein is easily digested, more sustainable for our planet and gentler on tummies.

Why don’t you use whey protein?

Despite popular belief, when it comes to nutrition, you are not what you eat, but what you actually manage to digest and absorb.

Whey protein is highly allergenic, which means many people are unable to properly digest (and therefore absorb) it. Even when the casein, dairy and lactose content in whey is removed or reduced, it remains poorly-tolerated.

If the nutrients can’t be absorbed, the benefits can’t be reaped! That’s why we’ve chosen to veto whey and go with plant-based protein instead.

Why were the SOUL CO. Bars formulated with this combination of protein, carbohydrates and fats?

We’ve formulated our SOUL CO. Bars so that they can best support a SOUL CO. lifestyle. The combination of easily-digested protein, carbohydrates and fats is designed to quickly and tastily fill you up, help keep you feeling satisfied, support lean muscle mass, balance your blood sugar levels AND provide you with a reliable source of energy. Talk about hard-working!

What does “low GI” mean?

In short: “low GI” means “low Glycemic Index”.

All foods contain some form of sugar, but the speed at which this sugar is released into your body will vary. The Glycemic Index (otherwise known as “GI”) measures this speed. Foods with a low GI – such as our delicious SOUL CO. Bars – release their sugars slowly.

What does that mean for you? LOTS of good things! Balanced blood sugar levels, better moods, stable energy levels, fewer sugar cravings AND you’ll also feel fuller for longer. Tick, tick, tick, tick and tick!

I have diabetes. Is the SOUL CO. Bar appropriate for me?

Our research suggests that SOUL CO. Bars may be a perfect breakfast or snack option for diabetics. They contain no refined sugars and have a low glycemic index, which means they’ll keep your blood sugar levels nice, balanced, and stable.

Please be mindful, however, that everybody is different, so it is always best that you first check with your health practitioner to confirm what is right for you.

What type of sugars do the SOUL CO. Bars contain?

SOUL CO. Bars only contain the naturally-occurring sugars found in fruit and coconut nectar. We don’t use any refined sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Do the SOUL CO. Bars contain any artificial sweeteners?

SOUL Co. Bars do not contain any artificial sweeteners and they never will, ever.

I am vegan. Can I eat the SOUL CO. Bar?

You bet! SOUL CO. Bars are made entirely from plant-based ingredients, so they are 100% vegan- friendly.

Is the SOUL CO. Bar gluten free?

Yes. All SOUL CO. Bars are totally gluten free.

Is the SOUL CO. Bar dairy and lactose free?

Yes, SOUL CO. Bars are completely dairy- and lactose free.

Is the SOUL CO. Bar suitable for people following a low FODMAP diet?

SOUL CO. Bars are sweetened with only small amounts of dates and coconut nectar, so while they are not suitable for people undergoing Phase One of a low FODMAP diet, they may be suitable for people in Phase Two!

Are the SOUL CO. Bars entirely raw?

Any food that is exposed to temperatures above 42 degrees Celsius cannot technically be deemed truly raw.

Our SOUL CO. Bars are prepared in the complete absence of heat. Where possible, we have chosen to use 100% raw ingredients, too. The only ingredients that cannot be classified as truly raw are the almond butter, vegan chocolate chips and natural cocoa extract – blending any raw nut to create nut butter can result in slight warmth, and the tempering of cacao butter to create vegan chocolate can require slight warmth, too.

For this reason, and for the sake of complete and unquestionable transparency, we have chosen not to class our SOUL CO. Bars as 100% raw (but they’re pretty darn close!).

Are SOUL CO. Bars safe for cleansing?

Our Dark Cacao Crunch SOUL CO. Bars contain cacao, which in turn contains naturally-occurring caffeine. While it is often recommended that caffeine be eliminated during a detox, it can be safely consumed in limited amounts when cleansing. So, may we suggest our antioxidant-rich Dark Cacao Crunch SOUL CO. Bars? *wink*

Are SOUL CO. Bars suitable as a meal replacement?

There’s no doubt about it – nothing beats a proper sit-down meal. But, when life gets busy (and it can get busy for us SOULies!), we love to grab a SOUL CO. Bar for an on-the-go meal alternative.

Our SOUL CO. Bars are made from 100% natural and wholefood ingredients. They contain a perfectly balanced combination of plant-based protein, low GI carbohydrates and healthy fats, and each Bar packs an appetite-satisfying 5.8g of fibre to help keep you feeling full. While we most often enjoy them as a conveniently portable breakfast option or as a mid-morning or afternoon snack, they are also suitable as a grab-and-go lunch or dinner alternative.

Our recommendation: enjoy our delicious SOUL CO. Bars with a piece of fruit and cup of nut milk chai tea!

Can I eat the SOUL CO. Bars if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Our Dark Cacao Crunch SOUL CO. Bars contain cacao, which in turn contains caffeine. Based on our research, caffeine (and therefore cacao) is usually deemed safe to consume both during pregnancy and when breastfeeding, as long as it isn’t consumed in excess. In fact, all of the ingredients used in our Dark Cacao Crunch SOUL CO. Bars are generally considered safe to consume when pregnant or breastfeeding.

That said, everybody is different, and it is our recommendation that you first check with your health practitioner to confirm what is right for you.

Can children eat SOUL CO. Bars?

It is important to note that our SOUL CO. Bars have been formulated for adults. However, with the exception of food allergies, they can be safely consumed by children.

When feeding toddlers, please be mindful that ANY food may become a choking hazard if it is eaten in too large a chunk, or is too hard or too sticky/soft (as may be the case if the Bars have been stored incorrectly).

Are the SOUL CO. Bars really 100% natural?

We are very proud to say that, yes, our SOUL CO. Bars are completely and entirely natural. Every single ingredient is derived from nature.

We didn’t realise when we first developed our SOUL CO. Bars that it would be so challenging to create a truly all-natural bar, but during the formulation process, we were made aware that some ingredients – including synthetic ones – are permitted by law to be present and yet still allowed to be claimed “100% natural”. We felt strongly opposed to this, of course, and postponed the launch of our Bars – and our company – until we were able to find a truly natural substitute. You can learn more about our journey here.

Do the SOUL CO. Bars contain any nuts?

Yes, our Dark Cacao Crunch SOUL CO. Bar contains tree nuts in the form of almonds. They are also made in a facility that handles other nuts.

What is the shelf life of a SOUL CO. Bar?

Because we say NO to artificial preservatives, our 100% natural SOUL CO. Bars have a shelf life of 12 months from their date of manufacture.

Handy tip: Regardless of climate, we quite like storing some of our SOUL CO. Bars in the refrigerator. Their texture becomes firmer and chewier compared to their room-temperature counterparts, and while both versions are completely divine, we enjoy the variety. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Do the SOUL CO. Bars need to be refrigerated?

Nope! As long as your SOUL CO. Bars are kept in a cool and dry place – at or below 25 degrees Celsius – they’ll be fine. If you’re lucky enough to live or be holidaying somewhere warm, however, it might be a good idea to store them in the refrigerator anyway.

We suggest you stash one in your handbag, one in a desk drawer and one in your gym bag so that you’ve always got a reliably healthy snack on hand!

Handy tip: Regardless of climate, we quite like storing some of our SOUL CO. Bars in the refrigerator. Their texture becomes firmer and chewier compared to their room-temperature counterparts, and while both versions are completely divine, we enjoy the variety. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Orders & delivery FAQs

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of our carefully handcrafted SOUL CO. Bars, once an order has shipped from our warehouse, it must be final sale. We are unable to accept returns or changes of mind because we cannot – for the sake of your health and safety – resell any goods that have been returned to us. For this reason, we ask that you read our ingredients lists and other details carefully prior to purchase, and if you’d like to change your order, that you get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can take immediate action.

Please note: We aim to process and ship all orders promptly, so there is a very limited window of time in which we are able to make changes. However, we will make every reasonable effort to help.

In the unlikely event that you believe your order to be faulty, please contact us at info@soulco.online. We are 100% committed to providing you with the highest quality product and the best possible service.

To view our full Returns and Refund Policy, please click here.

What is your privacy policy?

Click here to view our Privacy Policy.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payments made with American Express, Mastercard and VISA credit cards. We also accept payments through PayPal.

In what currency will I be charged?

All orders will be charged in Australian dollars. We know that keeping track of global currencies can get confusing, so while you shop you can use our convenient currency converter to display prices in your local currency!

Where do you ship from?

We ship from Australia’s food capital, Melbourne!

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide!

How long will it take to receive my order?

How long it takes for you to receive your order will depend on two things: where you live, and whether you’ve chosen regular or express shipping.

In Australia, it can take 1-3 days to receive your order, or a little bit longer (3-7 days) if you live rurally.

Outside of Australia, your order will arrive between 4-10 business days.

How do you calculate your shipping costs?

We work closely with couriers and shipping companies to ensure that you receive the most affordable shipping costs possible.

Ultimately, a number of factors will determine your total shipping cost: the destination, the size and weight of your order, and the shipping priority you’ve selected (i.e. regular or express).  Once you’ve entered all of this information, our computer system will calculate the total for your order. The total shipping cost will be displayed in your cart at the time of checkout.

Do I need to create an account to purchase SOUL CO. products?

No, you don’t need to create an account to purchase SOUL CO. products. However, there are lots of benefits to having a MY SOUL CO. account: you’ll be able to monitor the status of your order, change payment methods, manage your preferences, update your subscriptions, plus much more.

Can I cancel my SOUL CO. product subscription?

Absolutely – all you need to do is log into your account here and select Subscriptions from the left hand side menu. Click the big red VIEW button next to your subscription. Next you can choose to cancel your subscription, change your address, or change your payment method. To cancel, click the big red Cancel button. That’s it!

If your cancellation is made prior to the day that your subscription renews, your subscription will be cancelled immediately. If it is made after this day, the cancellation will take effect from the following month instead.

For example, if you order your Subscription on 14th of August, cancel before the 14 of the current month.

I want to subscribe to regular deliveries of SOUL CO. products, but I don’t want to receive the same flavour all of the time. Can you please send me different flavours each delivery term instead?

Of course! When you first subscribe, you will be asked to choose one flavour to receive each month, but this flavour can be changed at any time prior to the day of the month that you originally purchased your subscription.

To change the flavour you’ll receive, simply log into your MY SOUL CO. account here, cancel your current subscription, and purchase a new subscription to the new flavour of your choice.

Help! I made a mistake and ordered the wrong thing. Can I change my order?

We aim to process and ship all orders promptly after they are placed, so there is a very limited window of time for us to make any changes. If you have any concerns following the placement of your order, please contact us at info@soulco.online and we will make every reasonable effort to help.

I think there’s a problem with my order – who do I contact?

In the event that you believe there is a problem with your order, please contact us at info@soulco.online. We’re here to help!

How do I change MY SOUL CO. mailing address?

All of your Personal Information, including your mailing address, can be changed at any time by logging into your MY SOUL CO. account here. Click on Addresses, and then click on Edit beside the address you wish to change:

  • Your Shipping Address is your mailing address.
  • Your Billing Address is the address associated with your credit card.

If you need to change the mailing address of your order because you are sending it as a gift, click here.

Can I send SOUL CO. products to somebody else as a gift?

You sure can! You’ll be asked at checkout whether you’d like to send your order as a gift. If you select yes, you’ll receive an electronic copy of your invoice via email as usual, but we’ll make sure the lucky recipient of your gift doesn’t receive a hardcopy.

PS. We think a slice of the #SoulCoLife is a great gift idea!

I own a fitness studio/gym/wellness space/café/grocer/retail store. Do you wholesale SOUL CO. products?

We most certainly do, and we think that’s a great idea! #GMTA! (That’s “Great Minds Think Alike” for the uninitiated)

Click here so that we can guide you through the SOUL CO. Stockist application process. It doesn’t take long!


I love SOUL CO. Bars, and tell all my friends about them! Can I become an affiliate?

We love that you love our SOUL CO. Bars! Your enthusiasm and initiative are exactly the sorts of traits we’re looking for in our affiliates. If you think your blog, website or e-Store would be a perfect match for SOUL CO., click here and apply to become an affiliate NOW!

What requirements need to be met when applying to become an affiliate?

We ask that SOUL CO. Affiliates meet three very important criteria:

  1. They genuinely love all things SOUL CO. and #SoulCoLife,
  2. They operate an active blog, Social Media account and/or website on which they are able to spread this love, and
  3. They believe in and truly enjoy encouraging others to see the beauty of creating a life that is rich with health, meaning and satisfaction.

Tick all boxes? Then what are you waiting for? Apply here NOW!

I lost my referral code. Who do I contact?

No problem. Get in touch with us at team@soulco.online and we’ll be happy to lend a helping hand.


When was SOUL CO. created?

The SOUL CO. dream began eight years ago, in 2008, when founder Carmen Marshall first started to incorporate more plant-based and raw foods into her diet. Ever the health-orientated international traveller and businesswoman, Carmen soon identified a clear gap in the market: truly healthful snacks that not only tasted great, but were also high in plant-based protein; low in sugar; void of anything artificial, chemical or synthetic; convenient; portable and that could easily serve as an on-the-go meal option.

After eight long years of saying to herself, “one day”, Carmen finally decided to take action this year and bring her undying dream to beautiful life. It was not a task that came without its hurdles! For the whole story about how SOUL CO. was born, have a read of our interview with Carmen herself here!

Where in the world is SOUL CO. located?

SOUL CO. is manufactured in Australia’s beautiful Sunshine State, Queensland, but the essence of SOUL CO. is universal. The #SoulCoLife exists everywhere; it’s wherever you are, SOULie!

What do you mean by the #SoulCoLife?

The SOUL CO. life is an inspired and enhanced way of living. It’s a life well-lived – a life that’s supported by good health and is rich with meaningful experiences, pursuits, relationships and memories.

How a SOUL CO. life looks will differ for everyone, but one thing will always remain constant: the feeling of happiness and fulfillment it manages to achieve on a deeper and more soulful level, through living a life that’s created by YOU.

I’m totally living the #SoulCoLife – can you please feature me on your blog?

Wahoo! We’re always on the lookout for fellow SOULies, and would love to learn more about how you live your SOUL CO. life. Get in touch by emailing team@soulco.online.

I’d love to feature SOUL CO. on my blog/website. Who do I contact?

We’d love to be featured on your blog / website! Please send your inquiry to team@soulco.online and we’ll get back to you very shortly. We look forward to hearing from you.